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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • Time for a clear out

    As October is fast approaching and the job of keeping on top of the garden is becoming more manageable, it's time to start preparing for the colder months.

    A final hedge and lawn cut should be in your plans - it's a good idea to leave the grass slightly longer than normal to help protect the ground from the winter frost. It's also time to get your spring bulbs in the ground - planting several clumps of the same bulb along a border will give you a beautiful display when spring arrives. Finally is the all important garden clean up...

    October is a great time to get your garden furniture brought inside (or covered up) and to give your greenhouses, gutters and water butt/s a good clean.

    It's a good idea to give your water butt at least an annual clean if you want to avoid a build up of organic matter and the resulting unpleasant smells. Simply empty it out, give it a good scrub out and re-assemble. You can also buy a water butt freshener to add to the butt and help to keep it clean and odour-free.

    It has been a mild September this year and October is looking to be a mixed month of showers, a little bit of sunshine and even some storms, so get out in the fresh air sooner rather than later and get your garden prepped for the winter ahead.

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