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Saving Water

  • Get your mulch on this April!

    The lighter evenings have finally kicked in, which means more daylight hours for you to spend on the garden. However, the big question is, which job to tackle first?

    A great way to spend your time would be to get some mulch down on your borders and flower beds. Mulching has loads of advantages. Depending on the type of mulch you choose, some of the benefits you can expect are:

    - It restricts weeds from growing. Weeds don’t just look unsightly, they also steal valuable nutrients from the more desirable plants in your garden

    - It helps to moderate soil-temperature and keeps soil roots cooler

    - Depending on the type of mulch you go for, it will also add nutrition to your garden as it breaks down

    - Lastly, is the added bonus of saving water...

    By laying 1-2 inches of mulch on the top of your soil, it will shield the soil from the sun, so more water is retained in the soil for the plants and less water is wasted via evaporation. This can dramatically reduce the need for watering your garden, which can become a full time job in the hotter summer months!

  • Time for a water butt!

    If you haven't already got a water butt in your garden, the months of March and April provide an ideal time to get one installed.

    The hottest month's of the year are just round the corner, so get a water butt set up in your garden now and you can reap the benefits of the rain expected in April and May. During both months we can expect rain on around 14 days (according to weather2travel.com). The water you can save in your water butt can then be used in the hotter months of the year to water the garden. If you're on a water meter, this will help save money but also helps the environment.

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