Keep your home cosy this winter

As we head further into the winter months temperatures continue to drop, the bad weather becomes more frequent and we spend more time tucked up at home. Not only does the cold weather keep more of us indoors, it can also cause problems to your pipes. Take a look at our advice below to help you through winter. 

Protect exposed pipes and taps 
A significant drop in temperature can leave the pipes in your home at risk of freezing which could lead to a burst. There are a number of ways in which your pipes are more vulnerable to this happening, including poor insulation, cracks and gaps and having pipes in enclosed cupboards (warm air will not reach these pipes leaving them extra cold). 

No one wants to find themselves with a burst pipe this winter so here are a few tips to keep your water flowing. 

• Insulate! Insulate! Insulate! – wrap your pipes in lagging (a foam material) and use tap covers to protect against freezing temperatures. Both can be purchased online or from hardware stores. 
• Check your boiler – most boilers have a frost protection thermostat which will turn up automatically when the temperature drops to a level where you are at risk of your pipes freezing. 
• Check your pipes regularly – keep an eye on your pipes to ensure they haven’t burst or aren’t leaking. If you’re staying away from home for an extended period of time ask a friend or neighbour to take a look for you. 
If your pipes do freeze there are a number of steps you can take to tackle this problem. 

Other tips for a happy winter home 
• Find any draughts and seal them – ignoring draughts can lead to increased heating costs as you try to stave off the chill. 
• Service your boiler – make sure your boiler is in tip top condition for the cold season. 
• Clear your gutters to avoid water damage – make sure you do this in a safe way, using a stabilised ladder. Clear any debris and cover drain holes to prevent a build up of leaves that may cause a blockage and cause rising damp. 

For more handy seasonal guides check out the HomeServe Living website.