New Bokashi Bin 18L Composter

The new Bokashi Bin 18L Composter is now available to order through our partner Aqualogic. 

The starter kit twin pack is currently on special offer until 31st December at £38.95 (usual price £42.25) and is perfect for transforming all food waste (including cooked food, meat, fish and cheese) into nutrient-rich compost.  

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning ‘Fermented Organic Matter’. It is a bran-based material that has been inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms (a mix of friendly bacteria, yeasts and fungi) which help to speed up the composting process, suppress pathogens as well as preventing foul smells. 

This compact system is small enough to fit in your kitchen and, as it won’t leave you with any nasty smells or flies, it is perfect for indoor use.   

Composting is an environmentally friendly way of dealing with food and garden waste by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. It’s also fantastic for your soil!  

With the Bokashi composter you can either place the fermented food waste directly under the soil or make it into compost in a compost bin.  

The twin kit contents include:  

  • 2 x 18 litre Bokashi buckets with taps, lids, handles and inner drain trays. 
  • 1 x trowel. 
  • 1 x scoop. 
  • 1 x 1kg bag of Bokashi Bran (2 month supply). 

The Bokashi Bin Composter can be ordered here.  

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For more information about the benefits of composting take a look at this handy article from the RHS.