Rainwater Terrace 1 Tier Water Butt

The new Rainwater Terrace 1 Tier Water Butt Tank is now available to order through our partner Aqualogic.

This 134 litre water butt connects two single 67 litre rainwater terrace containers side-by-side, making it perfect to sit next to a conservatory or greenhouse as it will not block windows or light.

The low-level design also means it is an ideal height for wheelchair access and children.  

The Rainwater Terrace would be a great addition to schools, teaching children the value of reusing rainwater whilst giving them the opportunity to plant and grow their own vegetables.

Purchasing a water butt is a good idea for any household though. It will allow you to use water resources more efficiently, helping to save on your water bills and contributing positively to climate change.

Included in the Rainwater Terrace 1 Tier kit is:

2 x 67 Litre Water Container

2 x Plinth

2 x Planter Tray

2 x Top Planter

4 x Side Planters

1 x Connector Tube Kit

1 x Drain Tube (Tap) Kit

1 x Outlet Tube

1 x standard Black Rainwater Diverter Kit (fits 68mm Round 05 65mm Square Downpipe)

Please note: some greenhouses and conservatories may need different rainwater diverters if the downpipe is smaller or larger than 68mm round or 65mm square standard downpipe. These can be purchased from the website.

The Rainwater Terrace 1 Tier Water Butt Tank can be ordered here. You can also take a look at our whole range of products.